The Grainger Museum

Hidden amongst the walls of Melbourne University is a museum paying tribute to the eccentric composer Percy Grainger. Percy Grainger, born in Brighton 1882, is best known for his translation and interpretation of folk songs.  Percy was also an established concert pianist, creator of musical instruments, teacher, folk music researcher, music cataloguer and collector (and user) of bondage whips. Percy Grainger… Read More The Grainger Museum

Don Don

Taking fast food to the next level The ‘during your lunch break’ section of this site, focuses on those places that fit the “tourist guide for locals” criteria of being interesting, unique or iconic. Japanese fast food store Don Don, fits well within the ‘iconic’ criterion. I am not always one to go for the hype. I have never felt… Read More Don Don

Shebeen Bar

Update 07/01/2017 Unfortunately Melbourne’s not-for-profit bar has closed its doors Shebeen, where every drink counts Drink as much as you want, tell the boss what you really think, wake up next to whoever you want, it doesn’t matter, a night at Shebeen means you can always feel good about yourself in the morning. Shebeen is Melbourne’s first not-for-profit bar.  Every dollar… Read More Shebeen Bar