The Domino Rail Trail

Here is a great day trip for you! It includes a trip to one of Victoria’s most delightful towns, a 6k walk along an abandoned railway track and a visit to a quirky country pub. It’s the Domino Rail Trail starting in Trentham, roughly an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Trentham Trentham is a charming town so be sure to… Read More The Domino Rail Trail


The Malthouse Theatre

A theatre born out of a brewery! A theatre company dedicated to supporting Australian playwrights receives a donation. The donation comes from Carlton and United Breweries and is an old building located in South Melbourne. The result is the Malthouse Theatre which now holds three performance spaces, rehearsal rooms, conference facilities and a café/bar. Most of the action happens… Read More The Malthouse Theatre

Heide Gallery of Modern Art

John and Sunday Reed are your original Melbourne hipsters, purchasing a 15-acre block in 1932 , building a retro French style cottage, growing a kitchen garden and settling down to enjoy a self-sustained lifestyle. Their hobby was modern art and not only did they collect a heap of it but they let their bludger friends like Barrett Reid, Albert Tucker and Sid Nolan stay… Read More Heide Gallery of Modern Art