Royal Arcade

Royal Arcade with its high glassed roof, polished arch windows and eloquent storefronts adds a touch of Parisian charm to Melbourne’s CBD.

It’s most famous residents are the mythical Gog and Magog, stationed at the Collins Street end and responsible for overlooking the Royal Arcade clock. These two have been on guard since 1892 and have seen millions of people pass by; some to shop, others to browse, and many simply using the arcade to navigate between Elizabeth, Little Collins and Bourke Streets.


The arcade features 35 small storefronts with jewellery, hair, beauty and fashion featured heavily. For office workers dropping by, it is the gifts, toys, games and niche stores that will keep you amused. This includes a store full of nothing but Babushkas dolls and Spell Box whose target market is witches and wizards.

Royal_Arcade,_Melbourne,_Australia_-_April_2004Spell Box

As far as it can be told, this is a genuine attempt at catering to people who dabble in the dark arts.  Whether it’s potions, a cauldron or a “how to” guide, you will find all your black magic needs here. The owners run a variety of in-store activities and are happy to answer any queries. Now, if only they had a wand in my size.


Opening Hours: 9am-5pm daily except Friday (10am-8pm) and  Sunday (10am-5pm)
Address: 335 Bourke Road, Melbourne


Royal Arcade Website

Spell Box Website


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