The Japanese Bath House

Tucked away in the back streets of Collingwood, this traditional Japanese bath house is designed to “help you to relax and forget your worries”. With recent evidence suggesting the benefits of soaking in hot water include stimulating blood circulation, calming the nerves and curing aches they may well be on to something.


Built in 1999 and the first of it’s kind in Australia, it has been designed as an authentic and traditional ‘Ofuroya’

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This means a couple of things:

1.  you are going to have to get all your gear off, and

2. you have to be able to handle hot water (41 degrees in fact).

Fear not, there are separate bathing areas for men and woman and the staff are most helpful in running through bathing etiquette (and in case you miss what they say, there are a series of cartoons explaining it all).

Not that there is much to it, you simply nude-up, clean yourself under the showers and enjoy an hour of relaxation.

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You will spend your hour alternating between the baths and the sauna, with perhaps the odd cold shower . It won’t take long before your body will shut down and your muscles will be sending you a thankyou card for the much-needed break.

The experience doesn’t end with the baths. For $30 you get an hour in the baths and an hour to relax in the Tatami Lounge. Traditional robes are supplied so you can make your way to the lounge upstairs. You may want to indulge further and pay a bit extra for a shiatsu massagesit back on a lounge and read a book or relax with a green tea, beer or sake.

Regardless, you are sure to go home, fitter, happier, but maybe less productive.


Opening Hours: Tues-Fri (11am-7pm); Sat-Sun (11am-9pm)
Cost: $32
Address: 59 Cromwell Street, Collingwood


Japanese Bath House


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