The Domino Rail Trail

Here is a great day trip for you!

It includes a trip to one of Victoria’s most delightful towns, a 6k walk along an abandoned railway track and a visit to a quirky country pub. It’s the Domino Rail Trail starting in Trentham, roughly an hour’s drive from Melbourne.


Trentham is a charming town so be sure to arrive early for a wander around the main streets.  It’s a great place to pick up local produce including wine, mushrooms, olives, eggs and potatoes . You may want to time your trip to coincide with the monthly farmers markets or annual Spudfest, however if this isn’t possible, you can always purchase from the many honesty boxes located by the side of the road.

Once you have had a look around town, head to the well maintained historic Trentham Railway Station which now doubles as the tourist information centre and is the starting point for today’s walk.


The Domino Trail

The Domino Trail is a 6km (12k return) easy walk along an abandoned train line that once ran from Trentham to nearby Lyonville. It’s easy, clearly signed and well laid out.  Follow the track across town, around farms and into the Wombat Forest. Along the way you will encounter plenty of old gums, a sprinkling of wild flowers, vibrant birdlife, kangaroos and if you are lucky, the odd Echidna or Wombat.

After 90 minutes of pleasant strolling you will arrive at Lyonville.

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The Radio Springs Hotel

Not only will you arrive at Lyonville but you will walk straight into the arms of a gorgeous country pub.

Radio Springs has that perfect mix of comfort and character. The multiple dining and drinking rooms are all lined with old photos and antiques, with live bands adding to the atmosphere with a hearty mix of country and blues. The menu contains a mix of classics and restaurant quality international dishes. The drinks menu is well stoked and includes plenty of local beer and wine.

Enjoy lunch, take a walk in the nearby gardens and when you have finished head back to Trentham to end a great day out.


Locals Tips

  • If you need to fill up the car do so at Trentham Petrol and Stuff. Not only can you get a tank of petrol but the backroom doubles up as a rather chaotic antique store. A bit like an old shed that hasn’t been cleared for a decade or two.
  • If you have the time on the way home, add a stop to the Trentham Falls and enjoy a delightful scenic detour.


Trentham Railway Station, Victoria Street, Trentham


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