The AFL Grand Final

Can’t get a ticket? Here are the next best things

We know you all want to go to the game, however it just isn’t possible to fit 2 million people into a stadium. Here are some alternative ways to  get an authentic Melbourne grand final experience without having a ticket.

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Federation Square

Thousands are expected to make their way to Fed Square, not only to watch the game at one of Australia’s best live sites, but to engage in a host of family activities. For many, it is the next best thing to being there and the fact the players can’t hear them, will not deter people from yelling loudly. Be sure to pack a picnic and get down early to secure a good spot and remember that Fed Square is an alcohol free zone.

Go to the pub

There are plenty of options for those who believe that footy is best watched with a pint in hand. Those coming from interstate, may be tempted to watch the game at Crown Casino, however this should be avoided. My recommendation would be to get out of the CBD, where sports bars are a little sparse and instead take a tram to Richmond, Fitzroy North or South Melbourne. These are the suburbs where old fashioned corner pubs reign supreme; places with plenty of room, big screens and a great range of tap beer.

2010 Grand Final at Fed Square - 6
2010 Grand Final at Fed Sqaure, photo by woowoowoo on Flickr

Go to a Grand Final breakfast

The North Melbourne Football Club established the grand final breakfast back in the 1960s and it has since become an iconic event, attended by prime ministers, entertainers and leading businessmen. While the North Melbourne breakfast is out of the price range of most people, there are plenty of second tier and grassroots football clubs hosting smaller events. These events usually include a full breakfast, guest speakers, ex-AFL players, great entertainment and cheap drinks!

The Grand Final car-park BBQ

If you plan to watch the game close to the ground and have an easy to carry portable BBQ on hand (or the ability to strike up a conversation with those that do), consider heading to the MCG car park and joining hundreds of others in a pre-game BBQ. It is a great place to soak up the atmosphere and excitement of the game. A walk around the ground and you can listen in on all the live broadcasts and maybe bump into some former greats of the game.


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