Robot Bar

Anyone for a Monday night drink?

Having a visitor arrive from interstate comes with a great deal of pressure. As a local you are expected to know your way around the laneways and direct your guest to a bar or restaurant at a moments notice. This should prove no problem late in the week but what about a Monday or Tuesday when bars are prone to closing early.

A good trick to have up your sleeve for such an occasion is the Robot Bar. Being open until at least 1am ensures you wont be let down.

The Robot Bar  (

Located down Bligh Place off Flinders Lane,  The Robot Bar checks off so many of the boxes:

  • Hard to find – Check
  • Cosy and intimate – Check
  • Quirky and eye catching – Check
  • Friendly bar staff – Check
  • Great drinks menu – Check

Should your checklist include Japanese pop culture and decorative toy robots then you are really in luck.

A standard night at The Robot involves lounging on one of the leather coaches,  enjoying some Japanese bar food, taking advantage of an impressive range of  sake, beer and  cocktails and should you find yourself here on a Tuesday, sitting back and enjoying some Japanese anime projected onto the back wall.


Opening Hours: 5pm -1am (Mon- Thurs) -2am (Fri) -3am (Sat)
Address: 12 Bligh Pl, Melbourne


Robot Bar

One thought on “Robot Bar

  1. As an interstate visitor who has visited this bar mid week with the author (dude) I would agree wholeheartedly! I didn’t expect to be watching Japanese anime mid week on a work trip, but it was definitely a winner and a good start to the night.

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