Queen Victoria Markets

Head to the deli section of the Queen Vic on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday and you will find the stalls packed with CBD workers on their lunchtime break. Some will be there to shop but most will be grabbing a takeaway meal before heading back to the office. The food is amongst the freshest and cheapest in the city.


Five Great Deli Options

Café Ren

Café Ren, carries the range of zatars, rolls, focaccias and sandwiches that you would expect from a good lunchtime café. The food comes straight from the markets and the price rarely goes above five or six dollars. They also boast some of this city’s finest freshly squeezed juices.


boreksA Borek is a Turkish pastry dish usually filled with meat and/or vegetables. The Boreks at Queen Vic Markets are slowly rising to legendary status judging by the crowds that surround the counter each day. Choose between spicy lamb, potato and vegetable or spinach and cheese. Just make sure you have your order sorted and three dollars ready to hand over or you may get a few dirty looks for slowing down the process.

Laddler and Tom

Laddler and Tom also prides itself on being fresh and homemade. Using market products, they create a rotating menu of salads and soups.  Ten dollars will get you a hearty dose of soup and a salad on the side. Perfect for those counting calories.

bratwursta and coBratwurst and Co

Not as healthy but who can resist a Bratwurst. It starts at $5 for a sausage and works upwards as you put together your own creation. Spicy, mild, cheese, pepper, chorizo and chicken sausages are complimented with a variety of salads, mustards and sauces.

Be Creative

If none of that appeals, you can always raid the deli section, buy some bread, dip, cheese and olives and enjoy an impromptu picnic style lunch.


Available: Open for lunch Tues, Thurs and Fri
Address:Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


Queen Victoria Delicatessen

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