The Mitre Tavern

Have a drink in Melbourne’s oldest building

It now seems so obvious that Melbourne’s oldest building would be a pub located down a laneway. Built as a residential home, it was converted into a tavern in 1868 and has remained a drinking hole for inner-city residents and businessmen ever since.

Photo thanks to Pub Stars
Photo thanks to Pub Stars
mitre tavern
Photo thanks to Mitre Tavern

The first trick is to remember that the doors were built for 19th century beings and you may be required to duck your head on entry. Once inside you will be greeted with a series of small rooms and a heap of rustic charm. The walls are adorned with carvings, paintings and other materials made to recreate a 1880s look and feel.

Located off Little Collins, this is a popular spot for a mid-week drink. On any given day you will find post-work drinkers scattered across the beer garden or seated inside at one of the homely wooden tables.  Tap beer is the drink of choice for most with Guinness being a particularly popular pick. The wine list sticks to the proven formula of white wines from the Yarra Valley and red wines from the Barossa.

Many come for the steak, considered one of the best in town. Others are happy with the free finger food provided Monday to Friday and some are drawn to the quiz nights held each Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Whatever the reason, a night at the Mitre Tavern gives you a chance to drink up while enjoying some Melbourne history.


Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-12am
Address: 5 Bank Place, Melbourne


Mitre Tavern



4 thoughts on “The Mitre Tavern

  1. I concur – it’s a fine establishment. I was lucky enough to have a beer there with the well traveled host of this website. Definitely a place for a few amber ales and also a good place to start the night… even out ‘on a school night!’

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  2. A fine place for a drink. But “Melbourne’s oldest building” is an ‘altenative fact’. I can think of half a dozen buildings in the CBD that are older than the Mitre.


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