Ever wondered where all those old arcade games went?

While many have wasted away or ended up in the homes of private collectors, a whole bunch of them have found their way to a bar in Flinders Street.

Bartonica. Photo thanks to
Bartonica. Photo thanks to

Aptly named Bartronica, the bar is set up to look and feel like an old arcade. The place is lined with video games from the 70s through to the 90s. Space Invaders ,Pacman, NBA Jam, Mortal Combat, race car simulators,  pinball machines and more.  All are available to play and all at original prices.

It is as much a museum as anything. I have it on good authority that many of the games are “super-rare”. Others not so rare but there is a good chance you haven’t seen them since the old days spending your pocket-money down at Timezone.

Throw in some craft beer, cheap hotdogs, a fun retro themed cocktail list and a nice beer garden and you have a great place for some post-work drinks.


Opening Hours: Tues-Sun (3pm-1am)
Address: Basement, 335 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


Bartronica website


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