Laneway Learning

Laneway Learning lives up to its name with one hour sessions on a variety of topics in laneway bars across the CBD. Its like university, done cheap, made fun and completed with a drink in hand.

Photo thanks to Laneway Learning
Photo thanks to Laneway Learning

The concept is a simple one. It starts with someone who has a passion and knowledge for a particular subject. Either they find Laneway Learning or Laneway Learning finds them and for a small fee they go about planning a one-hour presentation.

There are plenty of beginner guides to topics. Raw food, the roman emperor Caligula, ice hockey and sex toys are some of the previous examples. Other sessions are more hands on such as jewellery making and Bollywood dancing (thankfully not sex toys).

Other classes may involve taste testing, cooking, languages, musical instruments or something you would never have dreamed of (such as the class on how to hypothetically travel to Mars).

As opposed to University, where you often face the difficult choice between learning and drinking, here you are encouraged to do both.  This, along with the fact that the classes are capped at around 20 people, makes for a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Photo (with me in it)
Photo from Laneway Learning (with me in it)

The cost is $12 a session and mostly held in the early parts of the week. The best bet is to sign up and get notifications by email or sign on to their twitter feed (and our twitter feed while you are there).


Laneway Learning Official Website


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