Shebeen Bar

Update 07/01/2017 Unfortunately Melbourne’s not-for-profit bar has closed its doors

Shebeen, where every drink counts

Drink as much as you want, tell the boss what you really think, wake up next to whoever you want, it doesn’t matter, a night at Shebeen means you can always feel good about yourself in the morning.

Shebeen is Melbourne’s first not-for-profit bar.  Every dollar goes to charity, specifically to organisations that assist developing nations, organisations that have been carefully chosen to ensure every cent is spent wisely.

The bar is located down Manchester Lane in what is essentially a large shed. Iron sheets make up the walls and cheap tuckshop style table and chairs fill the room. It’s a set up that comes across as  unpretentious, hastily built, yet full of potential as a meeting spot and an ideal place to engage in a hearty conversation.

The food menu is limited but delicious with all markets catered for. Beer drinkers have a choice of sliders , wine drinkers can opt for the cheese platter, there are ‘superfood salads’ for the health conscious and a Banh Mi for the lunch goers.

The drinks menu is diverse with a great mix of beers, wines , fresh juices, coffee, tea and a cocktail menu that is winning many admirers. The drinks menu is arranged so that the customer can decide where their money goes. Buy St George, an Ethiopian Ale,  and your money goes to Kick Start, a program to assist Ethiopian farmers. Buy South African wine and your money will go to Room to Read, an organisation dedicated to helping improve literacy rates across Africa.

The wide ranging drinks menu, not only has a great cause attached but provides a wonderful opportunity to try something new. How often do you drink wine from Chile , beer from Namibia or a cup of tea from Kenya?

And so buying a round of drinks becomes a little bit more rewarding with the knowledge that in doing so, you are helping make the world a slightly better place.


Shebeen website

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