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Its been a while since we have done an “Out on a School Night’, where we look at venues that are specifically suited to a midweek night out. Places that are more enjoyable away from the weekend crowds or have deals and events exclusive to a weeknight.

In the case of the laneway bar House of Maximon it is the reduced drink prices that make it such an enticing place to be, particularly on a Thursday night where all tequila and Coronas are offered half price until 10pm.

Photo thanks to Raiders of the Lost Bars
Photo thanks to Raiders of the Lost Bars

Located at 16-20 Corrs Lane, in the same building as Eurotrash and Berlin Bar, Maximon is named after a Central American saint who represents all things sinister and evil. The neon lit room is lined with all sorts of decorative creepiness, from pocessed portraits to disturbing religious paraphernalia. Its Halloween all year round, with the pumpkins and candy replaced with bright, uncanny and spooky décor.

As mentioned, Thursday night is the time to go, when all nineteen tequilas, normally valued at $9 – $25, are half price.  For many Australians, their tequila drinking experience is limited to late night house parties, involving a salt shaker and few cut up lemons. This need not be the case and Maximon is committed to changing this perception should you be up for it.

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In my experience, the staff love nothing more than the opportunity to recommend their favourite drop . Spend a bit of time chatting to them and they will give you a crash course on the different styles and tastes associated with each brand. It’s a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the drink

With the prices as they are, you can easily have three or four tequilas, washed down with a couple of Coronos for under $40.

Photo thanks to
Photo thanks to

Local knowledge and tips

  • If you start feeling a bit peckish, simply ask the bar for a serving of their spiced popcorn and they will happily provide it to you free of charge.
  • Wednesday night is comedy night, featuring a mix of some of Melbourne’s finest comedians, some great emerging comics and a few complete duds. Only $5 entry.
  • They have some good drink specials on a Friday as well. No tequila but cheap beer up until 10pm.

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