Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Zoo complements Melbourne Zoo with an open savannah, full of space for these giant African animals to roam around in (one of the enclosures is double the size of the Melbourne Zoo itself!) Entry includes a free guided bus ride taking you past and up close to some rhinos,  giraffes, bison, hippos, ostrich and some lesser known animals such as the Przewalski Horse – an endangered wild horse (assuming a horse can be classed as wild while in captivity).

Once off the bus, there paths to walk, smaller enclosures to see and a variety of special presentations including the serval cat demonstration – the day’s highlight for so many people.

werribee zoo
Photo from http://www.zoo.org.au/werribee

Local tips and knowledge

Tip #1 Don’t forget the Wirribi River Trail

Away from the main loop is an Australian Journey which leads into the Wirribi River Trail. While still in the grounds of the zoo, the river trail is a half hour walk to open wetlands. This makes a nice chance of pace and a chance to see wild animals in their natural habitat including eels, frogs, a variety of birds and perhaps even the occasional platypus. 

Werribee Zoo 003
View from the standard safari tour

Tip #2 Don’t bother with the Open Vehicle Adventure tour

Werribee Zoo have a variety of upgrade options. One of the more popular ones is the Open Vehicle Adventure where visitors pay an extra $50 for a longer safari tour, in a smaller vehicle, closer to the animals. Having done both tours I have found that the difference between the two is not enough to justify the extra amount.

Tip #3 Avoid the rush

If looking to avoid the rush consider waiting for a slightly overcast day. Not only will there be less pesky tourists about but the animals are likely to be more lively.

Tip #4 Search the news before attending

A baby being born is big news for zoos and will generate media coverage so its worth doing a quick search, particularly if you are either:

a) keen to experience the cuteness that little animals inevitably provide, or
b) keen to avoid the masses of people that descend on the zoo, each time a new addition crops up.

Werribee Zoo zoom


Opening Hours: 9am-5pm
Cost: $30
Address K Road, Werribee



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