Menzies Place, Melbourne Central

Unexpectedly finding a shop whilst walking down a laneway is common practise in Melbourne but what about finding an unexpected laneway whilst walking through a shopping centre?

Menzies Place is a small quasi-laneway that links the shops and the restaurants of Melbourne Central. It may not have the grit of its more authentic cousins, but it does have charm, as well as some really unique stores.

Anton’s Clothing

The most unique is Anton’s Clothing. It’s not normally my style to recommend a clothing store as a must-visit attraction of Melbourne but Anton’s is different and such a delight to visit regardless of any intention to purchase. antons03

It is easy enough to spot.  Just look for the retro mannequins dressed like some sort of abstract and surreal throwback to the early parts of the twentieth century.

Inside it feels like a retro Brunswick St clothing store, except everything in here is new, creatively designed and expertly tailored. Like a Hollywood dressing room, you will find exuberant 1940’s style suits and dresses, burlesque apparel,  cabaret costume, bright evening wear and all the jewellery, cufflinks, hats and accessories to go with it.

Everything is created in limited runs and not released anywhere else, meaning if you do purchase something, you would be very unlucky to run into someone wearing the same thing.

Kikki KKikki K

The emergence of boutique stationary has been one of the more unusual trends of the past decade and one that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Kikki K is like a grown up version of Smiggle, full of practical and fun variations on your everyday items.

From custom made files to help you organise your recipes, documents, bills or manuals  to wacky takes on the humble journal, this is one to keep in mind when searching for gifts or when looking to brighten up your study.

Note: At the time of writing this was the only Kikki K in Melbourne

The Original Lolly Store

The Original Lolly Store is a place bound to bring out nostalgic memories for a whole host of reasons.

For me it was the scoop and weigh mixed lolly bags that were seemingly everywhere growing up in the 90s. For those older folks, the red and white striped store front and behind the counter jars, may evoke memories of a simpler time, when you could buy hard boiled lollies for a penny. While the British and American expats amongst us, will rejoice at being able to find their favourite comfort food from back home.

The Original Lolly Store
The Original Lolly Store

but wait there’s more

While at Menzies, you can stop for a Chinese massage at Max Therapy and have a cupcake and coffee at The Cupcake Bakery. You want more? Okay I will even throw in a set of steak knives at The King of Knives.

All this at the bottom of a shopping centre.

2 thoughts on “Menzies Place, Melbourne Central

  1. Sorry,

    Not your best post. I say that with respect as a regular follower but stick to supporting smaller business and not promoting giants like Melbourne Central who continue to suck the blood out of the very essence of the small-scale retail that we need to protect.


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