The Rose Street Markets

Come the weekend and a relatively quiet Fitzroy Street is transformed into a hive of activity, showcasing the creative side of everyday Melburnians.

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4 reasons we love the Rose Street markets?

One: It’s quality over quantity approach, achieved by using an application system that judges the worthiness of a potential stall based on “quality of work, perceived potential and uniqueness of work”.

Rose Street SignTwo: Come her, and you will never go to a newsagency to purchase a greeting card again. The range of quality handmade cards designed by locals is a highlight.

Three: This doubles as a great art gallery. Craft, photography, painting, sculpture, all at gallery standards. Better yet, should you admire the artwork, you can take it home at a reasonable price.

Four: So many great ideas!  Old vinyl records turned into notepads, recycled car parts into wallets and vintage children’s picture books into notepads


There are multiple cafes located on Rose Street. Perhaps the best of them is Industry Beans (providing you can handle the guilt of eating brunch while overlooking a cross fit studio). The menu is seasonal and full of interesting and unique breakfast flavours and the coffee roasted on site. Other options in the area include the homely Grace and the markets very own Young Bloods Diner.


Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm
Address: Rose Street, Fitzroy



Rose Street Markets

Industry Beans



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