Deja Vu Bar and Lounge

My City Melbourne is quickly approaching its 1,000th hit, a strong testament to my ability to hit the ‘refresh button’ over and over.  As we approach four figures it seems the perfect time to throw into the mix, our fourth and final category of posts,  ‘Out On a School Night’ ,  dedicated to those places that cater for a cheeky night out during the week.

Our inaugural Out On a School Night takes place at Deja Vu Bar and Lounge – a place full of great craft beers and blokes doing jokes about ‘feeling like they have been here before’.

tap list The term rotation may have become a dirty word thanks to the Australian cricket team, however there is nothing to complain about with Deja Vu’s rotation policy. With 12 taps and way more than 12 great craft beers, they really had no option but to provide a beer menu that changes on a weekly basis.

All you Bucchus barrel-aged Hoppilingus fans can rejoice as it has recently been reintroduced as one of the ‘twelve’, after a bit of an absence. For me I couldn’t go past the Killer Sprocket – a dark ale with a touch of a butterscotch aftertaste.

The prices are set at a reasonable $10.50 for a pint and $6 for a pot, however to bring it back on topic, it is mid-week where things really become exciting.
Tuesday’s  you can try all 12 beers on Tap in 150ml servings for only $30 (and they will throw in a bowl of chips at no extra cost).
Wednesday’s it is $6 pint night, and Thursdays you have rotating drink specials.

Located in a heritage listed venue, this is tucked away in what becomes a quiet pocket of the city, 525 Little Lonsdale Street (between King and William) with a rather innocuous entry that is well-worth finding.

raiders of the lost bars
Photo courtesy of Raiders of the Lost Bars meetup group

p.s I believe they also do wine and spirits but having never got that far I can’t comment.

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