Brunswick Music Festival

Brunswick Music Festival

Brunswick Music Festival is an 11-day event held each March that showcases a diverse range of acts performing across many different venues in the Moreland Shire. When it comes to capturing folk and culturally diverse music [1] there is not much like it in Melbourne.

Sydney Road Street Party

The festival kicks off with a big street party along Sydney Road.

The day features six different stages set up, a parade and plenty of roving performers throughout the day. The quality of acts was impressive and if you are like me and judge a music festival based on the amount of horns, bongo drums and strange looking string instruments, you were in for a treat.

Sydney Road Music Festival
Sydney Road transformed into a wave of colour and music.

The highlight of the day is the way it genuinely engages and shows off the community.  All the restaurants along Sydney Road have stalls set up, as do the shops, showcasing that classic Brunswick mix of vintage clothing, second hand LPs, penguin classics and home made jams . Everyone was represented, the local fruit and veg store was selling fruit kebabs, the music store $25 Ukuleles, local sporting clubs  were on the lookout for new players and creative locals were given a chance to show their arts and crafts.

Festival Program

Once the street party finishes there are a series of shows on each night at a range of venues. The usual Moreland music venues are utilised as well as temporary venues and some more unconventional settings such as the Town Hall and local library.


Brunswick Street Music Festival

[1] I hate that term ‘world music’, it reeks of arrogance when used as a genre. How often have you heard people talk about genres and include classical, blues, jazz, pop, rock, punk, heavy metal and world. The first seven all genres of music prominent in Western countries with the idea that everything else can be grouped under a blanket term of ‘world music’ . Rant over.




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